OneVue Applications

OneVue as a BIT (Business Intelligence tool)

We often are given a chunk of data in Excel that needs to be explored or graphed.

If you run a data driven business, not only is reaction time in manufacturing to market important, but gaining the ability to recognize trends that could impact those times are extremely important.  And the best way to quickly identify such trends, either good or bad, is through visualization.

This is where ONEVUE stands out.

ONEVUE clients represent private, public and government entities in many major industries.  They tend to work in various sectors such as Health care, Finance depts., Industrial/Process, Banking, Oil and Gas, Power, Mining, Military, Metals, Food and Beverage, Water and Wastewater, Pulp and Paper, Pharmaceuticals, Academic, Government, Natural Sciences Managers, Computer and Information Systems Managers, Marketing Managers, Engineering Managers, Physicians and many more business sectors who have a need to focus on their relevant data sources.

The following are examples as related to Power Generation, Oil & Gas  and Utility groups.


Opening a GE MkVIe data file.

Opening a Siemen data file.

Opening a OSIsoft PI data file.

Mitsubishi Video coming soon!

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