Data Visualization

Visualization is EVERYTHING

When displaying your work in a presentation, it can often be difficult to visualize your data for the benefit of your audience. If you are working with numeric data, your data can be displayed in a number of different charts but there are so many to choose from.   ONEVUE makes it possible to replace boring text bullets with powerful graphics and diagrams of important data for more Engaging, Effective, and To-The-Point presentations.

Visuals communicate up to six times more effectively than words alone. When combined with ONEVUE, you plan and create your presentation visually in a series of steps that can increase comprehension tenfold.   ONEVUE helps to visualize data point name relationships to see connections and performance of various data combinations.

Why Does Visualizing Data Matter

As the old saying goes,  A picture is worth a thousand words!!!   What’s so special about that?  With an unprecedented amount of data available to today’s society, ONEVUE helps you quickly discover patterns in your data that unveil trends and reveal unexpected insights, which might otherwise be missed totally. It is well known that most people think visually. Given a piece of information our brain attempts to understand it by visualizing it and making it easier to understand what they see opposed to what they read or hear alone. This is why effective presentations use visuals.

Data visualization is not only a way to present your data, but a way to explore and understand your data.

  • Expressive visualization  (Broad range of tools for data analysis and reporting)

  • Interactivity  (Supports visual thinking)

  • Ease of use  (Questions answered quickly and effectively)

  • Access to any data  (Visualize data, no matter where it resides)

  • Best practices  (You don’t need to be a visualization wizard)

ONEVUE Software helps people see and understand data, which helps anyone quickly analyze, visualize and share information in a timelier manner.


Opening a GE MkVIe data file.

Opening a Siemen data file.

Opening a OSIsoft PI data file.

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