Our Clients

ONEVUE can be configured to suit the particular requirements of these and other business sectors, if necessary.

Our clients represent private, public and government entities in many major industries. They tend to work in various sectors such as Health care, Finance depts., Industrial/Process, Banking, Oil and Gas, Power, Mining, Military, Metals, Food and Beverage, Water and Wastewater, Pulp and Paper, Pharmaceuticals, Academic, Government, Natural Sciences Managers, Computer and Information Systems Managers, Marketing Managers, Engineering Managers, Physicians and many more business sectors who have a need to focus on their relevant data sources.

Siemens T3000 Users open Analog grid report files with a simple click and watch all your data information be graphed quickly providing unseen views.   No longer will you have to call for engineering support.  Once you see the power and data information access that ONEVUE provides you will be simply amazed!!!

Watch a video on Opening a Siemens Data file.


GE UsersMkV, MkVI and MkVIe data files become a snap to open and analyze.    See details quicker, clearer and make decisions based on facts and not hearsay.     Once you see just how fast and easy ONEVUE is to use, you will never want a different User Interface Experience than what ONEVUE provides.

Watch a video on Opening a GE MkVIe data file.

When evaluating ONEVUE you must, assess whether it’s necessary to engage the software vendor or external experts to help with installation and training or to provide specialty development services. We think you will find that you do not need any help.

There are and will always be business benefits and issues in recognizing trends through data analysis. Visualization using analytics, such as what ONEVUE easily provides is a solution for many of these issues for our customers.

LDI recognizes that our Customers find the process of analytics, graphing and reports should not be overwhelming, but catered to their audience.   Sometimes that means making everything as simple as possible or as technically needed based on more complicated formulas and data being reviewed.

Our customers come from across a wide range of business segments around the world.  They consist of organizations that use data gathered in Healthcare, Financial, Industrial Process and Power Generation to mention only a few.  We have responded to customer requests on a global scale which has allowed us to offer ten (10) languages for your interface:

English                                       Japanese

Arabic                                         Portuguese

Spanish                                      Traditional Chinese

Korean                                       Simplified Chinese

German                                      Russian

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