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Q: I currently am working on a GE MkVIe, will OneVue open a trend file?

A: If that trend file has been exported as a .CSV file, then OneVue will open it.

Q: We have a Siemens T3000 control system and no tools exist for allowing a detailed analysis of the data dumps.   Will OneVue open these files?

A: When a T3000 file is generated, OneVue is designed to open that file format without having to convert it to an Excel format such as CSV.

Q: Our GE MkV produces a View2.out file.   Can this program allow me to view these types of files as generated by the MkV?

A:  OneVue will open *.OUT files as generated by the MkV, such as your View2 or any of the other MkV programs without first being converted to an Excel format.

Q: Are there any limitations to the number of columns I can have in my .XLXS file?

A: Currently OneVue will open up to 3000 columns in your file.    If you need additional columns, please contact us directly for assistance.

Q: Will the excel add-in for PI export a data file in a format that I can use ONEVUE to analyze?

A: Yes!  OSIsoft’s PI Excel add-in will export the data in a format that can easily be used for your data analysis and reporting.